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When the COVID-19 pandemic started, one of the major problems in St Lucia during the lockdown was access to supermarkets and grocery shopping.

When this limitation of access to supermarkets became a reality that caused a big issue in St Lucia, we decided to act.

We started an online store within two days and started retailing essential items. Many ex-pats were able to purchase items for loved ones in St Lucia under lockdown, this was one of the major successes of the venture.

Locals enjoyed the contactless shopping and the ability to sit at home and order groceries. The convenience was welcomed and used by many locals.
As with everything, there is always room to make a service or a platform better. We decided to redesign the business model of Shop St Lucia.

Where We Are

A new website was designed for Shop St Lucia to facilitate a full-service online grocery store. The ease of shopping online is now a reality for St Lucians and visitors alike.

We offer a grocery store with great variety and diversity. The option of same-day delivery and next day is now available making the service unique.

Now, we can provide much more than essential items. A full-service grocery store is now available right at your fingertips from the comfort of your home, office, Air Bnb, hotel.

In online businesses, a mobile app is salient to the full cycle model of online sales. With our mobile app, we offer our customers a new platform that makes shopping easier. The app is available for download in the App Store and Play Store.


Our vision and mission: Always continue focusing on the customer’s needs and requests as we transition into a cashless and contactless era.

To continue expanding as we make online shopping more affordable and develop customer-centric technologies.

We aim to make available more items and services via the platform. The upcoming strategic partnerships with more retailers and wholesalers will bring a better customer experience and better prices.

Many of our orders come from the diaspora as family members are able to buy groceries for loved ones and we deliver to them on island.

We accept all major credit cards at checkout.

We deliver from Monday to Saturdays. Two options of delivery exist.

Same day delivery – This order would have to be placed before 1 pm.


In the event an item is missing please email us. 

We only charge you after we deliver your order. If our retailers or wholesalers are out of stock on an item we will contact you.


Monday – Saturday

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We deliver the best groceries and fresh produce on island!

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